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The appearance of your face and body can change over time for a wide variety of reasons. Historically, it would be necessary to endure these changes or address them with plastic surgery. Today, we have several nonsurgical options to help postpone or correct the signs of aging that affect the dermis and epidermis.

Here at Seattle Beauty, our focus is on bringing out more of what you love about your appearance. Two of the powerful ways we can do this include Morpheus8 and Evoke facial contouring. To schedule a consultation to discuss your facial and body contouring options, contact us today at (206) 939-7913!

What is Evoke Facial Contouring?

Evoke is a unique facial contouring treatment that involves the use of a hands-free device. The applicator fits comfortably over the head with radiofrequency panels in the cheek and jowls or the neck and chin areas. The device has been proven to deliver powerful radiofrequency without risking damage to the epidermis. It works entirely beneath the surface!

How Does Evoke Work?

Evoke treatments improve facial contours through clinically proven radiofrequency energy. This energy permeates the epidermis to target the subcutaneous layer of tissue. Here, the energy can reduce excess fatty tissue while also provoking collagen remodeling in the dermis. the energy is also absorbed into the Fibro Septal Network (FSN), the fibrous bands support the skin and provide more structure. In combination, the reduction of unwanted fat cells and collagen proliferation work to slim and contour the areas of the face that commonly change with age. 

How Many Evoke Treatments will I Need?

Evoke is designed as a multi-session treatment that works in concert with your body's natural regenerative processes. Each treatment stimulates tightening and remodeling, which, over time, can dramatically improve the shape of your face. It takes approximately 28 days for collagen production to increase to support tissue remodeling. However, when you schedule a series of Evoke treatments, the remodeling process can continue for up to 12 weeks after you've completed your treatment program. In many cases, a series of six sessions, scheduled weekly, achieves profound results. 

What is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is an advanced microneedling treatment. It involves the benefits of traditional microneedling via the creation of hundreds of microchannels in the skin. It then enhances those benefits by delivering a controlled amount of radiofrequency energy through the tiny needles. These reach depths of up to 4 millimeters. The combination of technique and technology provides powerful anti-aging effects through the stimulation of collagen and elastin formation in the dermis. 

What Areas of the Body Does Morpheus8 Treat?

Morpheus8 is primarily used on the face and neck areas to tighten sun-damaged, age-affected skin. It can work against the formation of fine lines and wrinkles like crow's feet and smoker's lines around the mouth. It can also reduce the appearance of undereye bags, a double chin, jowls, and a turkey neck or crepe-like neck skin. Morpheus8 can reduce pore size and also tighten loose skin on the arms, stomach, and legs. 

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