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Get Perfect Skin With a SaltFacial®

Summer has finally arrived and it’s the perfect time to be outside, but don’t go outside with bad skin. Start your skincare regimen now and let the world see your beauty when the sun beams down on you. You can get beautiful skin with skin rejuvenation treatments, such as facials. You may have heard of the Hydrafacial, but we have one better to tell you about–the Saltfacial®.

What Is a SaltFacial®?

The Saltfacial is a skin renewal therapy. Despite its name, an aesthetician can give any part of your body a Saltfacial. The Saltfacial does more than rejuvenate your skin. It treats wrinkles, acne, acne scars, stretch marks, discoloration, enlarged pores, and uneven skin texture. Its versatility is why it’s quickly growing in popularity. As you consider getting a Saltfacial skin rejuvenation treatment, bear in mind that the Saltfacial must be performed at a medical practice, including a MedSpa. A standard spa cannot offer this procedure.

How Is a SaltFacial® Different From Other Facials?

The Hydrafacial is the most commonly requested facial. In what ways is the Saltfacial distinct from the Hydrafacial and other facials, you ask? You can get a Saltfacial year-round; it’s not seasonal. Also, unlike other facial procedures that work best on certain skin types, the Saltfacial shows excellent results on all skin types (I-VI).

What is most unique about the Saltfacial is that it combines natural sea salt with ultrasound technology and LED photography to rejuvenate your skin and give it that enviable glow.

Is a Saltfacial® Painful?

Saltfacial treatments are not painful. However, you may feel temporary stinging or tingling. Any stinging or tingling should be mild and not hinder you from enjoying regular activities.

Visit a MedSpa in Seattle, WA

Since our inception, Seattle Beauty Aesthetics has helped countless women and men achieve great skin and provided top-tier skincare treatments. We have made it our mission to help you get rid of unsightly blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and scars, so you can feel and look like your best self. The Saltfacial is just one of our superior means to help you unlock the secrets to perfect skin. If you’re ready for your first session, call 206-939-7913 to book your appointment today.

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