The Benefits of Microneedling

Microneedling devices deliver a stamped array of thin needles to create microchannels in the dermis, to stimulate the wound healing cascade, and induce neocollagenesis (the making of new collagen. Modern microneedling induces epidermal injury to stimulate collagen production and improve overall appearance. It has a low risk of pigmentary alterations, even in patients with highly pigmented skin. Needling the skin is an ancient practice and has been used around the world by many health care providers in some form for centuries.

At Seattle Beauty, we highly recommend combining microneedling and the delivery of radiofrequency energy (RF microneedling).  Radiofrequency microneedling emits energy and heat the tip of needles or over the needle surface, which is can enhance dermal remodeling and clinical effect.  In particular, RF microneedling is a safe and generally well tolerated procedure. In addition, it is safe for all skin types; a huge benefit when compared to other laser devices.  It is a wonderful alternative to surgical modifications and is generally well tolerated with topical numbing agents. The down time of this treatment is similar to a mild sunburn. There is risk of redness, edema bruising, and scabbing to occur, but these typically resolve within one week.

Noticeable clinical improvement may occur within a few weeks after a treatment session. Adipose tissue remodeling can occur as well, essentially a melting of the fat cells. Treatments done at deeper RF levels, can result in a slimmer lifted jaw line and sub segmental fat reduction. RF is especially beneficial in boosting collagen production with radical improvements in skin laxity.

At Seattle Beauty, we recommend a series of three RF microneedling treatments, four weeks apart for maximum benefit. Results have been shown to last up to 2 years, however individual results vary and annual treatment is recommended.

Dr. Des & Dr. Keri specialize in radiofrequency microneedling with the Morpheus8 and Evoke platforms. Morpheus8 is noninvasive procedure that penetrates deeper subdermal layers of the skin to treat a wide range of skin concerns including improvement in fine lines and wrinkles. They have the ability to smooth skin texture, reduce the appearance of large pores, treat hyperpigmentation and acne scaring, and tighten for skin laxity. Evoke is another Inmode product that is a noninvasive skin tightening treatment intended for the cheeks, jawline and neck. It uses radiofrequency energy to head the dermis and stimulate production of elastin. Unlike other similar treatments, the RF energy is delivered via a hands-free head set on the Evoke device. Which relies on automatic sensors to consistently measure the temperature to ensure safety and efficacy. It is also completely painless. These FDA cleared devices are both available at our Medi-spa in West Seattle.

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